The Origin of Life: God, Darwin and Chance

The Origin of Life: God, Darwin and Chance (Fernando Orrego)Author

Fernando Orrego.


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In his recent book “The Origin of Life: God, Darwin and Chance”, professor Fernando Orrego, a world-known neurobiologist, by combining the power of "hard" sciences, i.e. cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics and physics, geology, organic chemistry and biochemistry and of information theory with the subtleties of natural philosophy gives, for the first time, a comprehensive view of the events that led to the origin of life on Earth.

In this book Orrego explains what was the ion composition of the sea in which life was born (Darwin's little pond) and how it relates to the composition of the intacellular fluid of all living beings and, also, to the asteroid impacts that ocurred during the Late Heavy Bombardment. A mechanism for the lightning-induced continuous generation of hydrogen in the early atmosphere is also presented, that vindicates the Miller-Urey experiments for the formation of extremely large amounts of organic molecules in the atmosphere that shall, eventually, become the building blocks of living cells.

Life is also analyzed from the perspective of natural philosophy, showing its relation to information (or its equivalent, negentropy), to the nature of space and time and to the necessity of an agent that is outside of space and time and has the power to produce our universe and the laws that govern it "ex nihilo" (from nothing), i.e. God.