Mission & Values

"In our global world, students require a rich international experience"


Universidad de los Andes is an institution that seeks to deepen knowledge in all areas and contribute to the integral education of its students. It encourages academic dialog, work well done and the eagerness to serve society. The University strives to radiate a way of life coherent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Universidad de los Andes aims to be a center of excellence, characterized by its openness to the cultural and moral challenges of society, and its desire to respond to them with innovative solutions.  Faculty, alumni and students will be pivotal actors in the engagement of the University with society.


Statement of Principles of the University de los Andes

This brief document sets out the principles that inspire our university and our community. Through the topics included, the "Statement of Principles of the University de los Andes" offers a guide to the work of those who are part of the University and are serving its students and Chilean society.
We invite you to read the document: