Mission & Values

"In our global world, students require a rich international experience"


The Universidad de los Andes aims to spread in society a way of life consistent with Christian truth, with faith and reason in harmony. It seeks both to generate and to deepen knowledge in all fields of study and to encourage an attitude of open dialogue and of respect for all. It aims to contribute to the broad formation of students, giving personal attention to the needs of each individual. It fosters the love for work well-done and encourages the desire to serve, in accordance with the spirit of Opus Dei, the institution responsible for the Christian formation imparted at Universidad de los Andes.


The Universidad de los Andes seeks to be a model of excellence and a beacon of intellectual and ethical virtues. It aims at forming professionals who will excel not only in their work, but also in their sense of solidarity, their capacity to serve society responsibly, and their ethical standards. It aspires to spread in society belief in the divine value of human life, of work well-done and of the truth that liberates man. It views itself as a cooperating partner with other national and foreign institutions.


Statement of Principles of the University de los Andes

This brief document sets out the principles that inspire our university and our community. Through the topics included, the "Statement of Principles of the University de los Andes" offers a guide to the work of those who are part of the University and are serving its students and Chilean society.
We invite you to read the document: