Programas Especiales - Internacional

Los programas especiales son cursos internacionales de corta duración (entre dos y seis semanas). Siempre cuentan con alumnos de distintos países, usualmente son dictados en inglés y en todos los casos es posible convalidar, pero depende de la decisión de la carrera de cada alumno. Estos son los tipos de programas abiertos para los alumnos UANDES:

Los programas Home disponibles son:

Nuestros programas son:

GO Leadership – OPEN CALL
2, 3 or 4-week program in January
4 weeks / 80 hours / 10 ECTS

Curso de verano

Program with lectures, activities and field trips regarding Chilean and Latin American economy and entrepreneurship, political leadership and cultural aspects. It includes sessions of Spanish as a Foreign Language.


BECA Institute of Leadership
in the Americas - OPEN CALL

Are you interested in a career in international affairs? Are you passionate about the future of the Americas? Do you wantto discuss complex contemporary issues in a diverse academic setting? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions,the Institute for Leadership in the Americas (ILA) is the program for you. Stand out in the competitive global job market and in graduate school admissions by gaining invaluable international experience this January! It is a scholarship for 10 UANDES students that include the housing in a Hotel with the 40 rest international students, private transportation, meals, and cultural trips, among others.


BECA GO Chilean Economy - OPEN CALL

3-week program in July - August

60 hours / 8 ECTS

Intensive and interactive program with classes and activities that offer an insight of Chilean Economy. It includes sessions of Spanish as a Foreign Language.
Is a scholarship that includes all the lessons and cultural trips.


Contacto y consultas:

Camila Sanchez, Coordinadora de Programas Internacionales.