General objective: The Bioethics Center seeks to provide a sapiential and interdisciplinary perspective on the moral problems directly or indirectly linked to the vast field of life, health and disease.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop research and teaching excellence in the field of Bioethics.
  • To promote the synergistic collaboration of different professionals competent in the area of Bioethics, enhancing their working conditions, exchange and academic improvement.
  • To become a reference centre in the field of bioethics, in dialogue with similar institutions and with the general, national and international community.
  • To disseminate the knowledge of bioethics through the various channels that are ordered for this purpose, such as prestigious publishing houses, mainstream scientific journals, seminars, congresses and symposiums, post-graduate and postgraduate courses, as well as through the available media.
  • Acting as a consultant specializing in bioethics issues both within the University and before various educational, civic and political institutions in the country or abroad.