Collaborative Online International Learning

Internationalize your classroom

Add value to your online course through the project “Collaborative Online International Learning”COIL is an online collaboration model between professors and students from different parts of the world that allows you to incorporate a valuable cultural exchange in the development of your course.

How can it be implemented?

First it is necessary for the professor to define what he or she is looking for with the collaboration, from this it is possible to start choosing a specific collaboration modality to incorporate in the classes.   

There are three different COIL modalities:


An international professor or professional is incorporated as a guest in one or more classes of the UANDES subject.


The UANDES professor together with an international peer develops a work plan, task or specific project to be addressed by students in the UANDES subject.


The UANDES professor designs a module or UANDES subject together with an international peer, so that both have active participation in it.

How is the foreign contact generated?

There are two possible ways to establish communication with foreign universities and professors:

Both channels of communication require the professor to contact the International Relations Department to inform them of his or her interest and to allow the registration of the COIL collaboration.


  • Integrative and inclusive internationalization.
  • Adds value to the online course.
  • Internationalization of the curriculum.
  • Development of global and intercultural competences.
  • Maintain and expand collaboration with foreign peers.
  • Transversal learning between different areas of study.
  • Contribute to the necessary classroom rotation on campus.
  • Demonstrable international activity for accreditation.

If you are interested in developing a COIL project you can start by analysing the options of 

foreign universities willing to collaborate:

Here it is possible to find all the foreign universities that currently have an agreement with UANDES, they can be a good start to try to establish contact for a COIL project.

For more information contact:

[email protected]