Rodrigo Astroza Eulufí

Vicedecano Académico

[email protected]

Profesor asociado

• Doctor en Ingeniería Estructural, Universidad de California, San Diego, Estados Unidos.

• Magíster en Ingeniería Sísmica, Universidad de Chile.

• Ingeniero Civil mención Estructuras, Construcción, y Geotecnia, Universidad de Chile.

Asignaturas o cátedras que imparte

  • Dynamics of Structures.


  • A simplified tri-linear model for monolithic exterior shear keys failing in sliding shear

  • Data-driven analysis of crustal and subduction seismic environments using interpretation of deep learning-based generalized ground motion models

  • Probabilistic seismic assessment of multispan RC highway bridges considering soil-structure interaction and chloride-induced corrosion

  • Bayesian Model-Updating Implementation in a Five-Story Building

  • Linear System Identification of the UC San Diego Geisel Library Building

Proyectos de investigación

  • Sistema de monitoreo para diagnóstico y pronóstico de daño estructural en turbinas eólicas

  • Seismic collapse assessment of cross-laminated timber buildings by multi-scale modelling techniques

  • Uncertainty-informed multi-hazard risk evaluation of degrading civil structures

Apariciones en Medios

  • Chilean researchers create innovative monitoring system to predict damage to wind turbines

  • Science Villarrica Volcano, San Ramon Fault and seismic swarms: Do these phenomena have a common pattern?

  • Science Earthquake in Lonquimay is the worst in three years in Chile: what are the chances of a big earthquake?