Faculty-Led is a program tailored to each professor or person in charge of a group of students.

The International Relations team oversees taking all the ideas to action.


The Faculty-Led programs usually run from 1 to 6 weeks, or even for a semester with a group with arround 15 – 30 students.

If you only have a short period to travel between semesters, this kind of program may be ideal for you.


The group will always be well-supported even before arrival. Weeks before they arrive, several friendly and informative documents are sent with the most frequent questions that international students usually have: exchange rate, public transportation, the climate in Chile, among others.

We also send them the agenda, with a map of the campus and the biography of each student that will participate in this experience.

During the program, we hire a student coordinator from our University, he or she will be at the service of the group 24/7 and will accompany them to classes, excursions and solving any questions they may have. The group will never feel alone.


Our International Relations team will take care of all the logistics and administration.


If you want to go deeper into other subjects or incorporate Spanish classes into the program, you only must ask for it. We count on a great database with excellent professors and speakers that can be added to the program and also national experts on each topic.

In academic terms, the student will receive their credits, and will recieve a Transcript of Records with all their results.


In addition to being on campus and in the classrooms, we plan different cultural excursions so that students can get to know the most iconic places in Santiago.

There are also options outside the city such as Valparaiso, a city one-hour away from Santiago, where you can find all the Bohemian culture of our country.


We also make sure to offer, depending on the time we have, excursions are related to the subject seen in class.
As an examples, our programs focused on the health area, we have excursions to private and public hospitals, health town centers, among others.
It is important to note that our University has a hospital on campus that opens its doors to students to teach and provide in-depth knowledge in the areas of interest.


It is also an option to open a certain number of vacancies to UANDES students so that they can also live the experience with the group that visits us.

This is very enriching for both sides since international students will be able to have a greater immersion on our culture and for UANDES students the possibility of opening to new learning experiences and teaching methods.

This is one of the items that are most well valued on our programs, it totally makes the difference.


We have reliable suppliers who have worked with us in previous programs, either in transport or accommodation.

All that remains is for you to send us your requirements and prepare for an unforgettable experience!