Research Lines

  • Operations Management: This research line involves using mathematical models, statistical methods, algorithms, and simulation tools to support decision-making in the strategic, tactical, and operational planning of manufacturing or service companies. Operations Management is a valuable tool for managing business processes, which may involve real systems of high complexity and large-scale systems aiming to improve or optimize their performance.
  • Environmental Process Engineering: This research line focuses on studying the different physicochemical and biological phenomena involved in removing gaseous pollutants from different sources of contamination, whether they are stationary or mobile. It also investigates air pollution generated by different sources of stationary and mobile pollutants. It studies mixed systems of technologies (physicochemical and biological) to remove different types of emerging pollutants and their biotransformation into value-added products. This research line integrates reactor engineering principles, separation processes, and process simulation and optimization at different scales, from the reactions that constitute the metabolism of microorganisms to the plant scale, passing through the macroscopic scale of reactors. In particular, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Los Andes focuses on generating knowledge that improves the operation and design of biological reactors to produce metabolites and treat gases. These challenges are addressed through reactor engineering and biocatalyst design using tools for the analysis of microbial metabolism.
  • Information and Energy Engineering: The research line of Information and Energy Engineering arises from the interdisciplinary interaction of those areas of electrical engineering that usually converge in advanced electrical and information systems, highlighting the conversion of renewable energies, electronics applied to signal and traction systems, automatic control, transmission and information processing systems, and artificial intelligence. This research line aims to advance scientific and technological knowledge of global relevance, focusing on experimental work. The research seeks to project itself through publications in high-prestige journals, collaboration with foreign research groups, and searching for applications with high technological innovation. The work carried out by the participating academics has been funded with numerous state funds, allocating most of the resources to developing world-class experimental systems and training young researchers and engineers through projects of high technological complexity and evident relevance for society’s development.
  • Civil Engineering Systems: Civil Engineering studies the cycle of planning, design, construction, and operation of infrastructure works such as buildings, hydraulic works, roads, and transportation. It also encompasses managing integrated systems of these infrastructures, addressing aspects such as disaster prevention, water resource management, traffic control, environmental treatment, and all the necessary works for economic development.


UniversidadCiudadIdiomasPágina Web
Universität BayreuthBayreuth, AlemaniaAlemán – Inglé
University of MünsterMünster, AlemaniaAlemá
Deakin UniversityVictoria, AustraliaInglé
Macquarie UniversitySydney, AustraliaInglé
Universidad del RosarioBogotá, ColombiaEspañ
Florida International UniversityMiami, Estados UnidosInglé
University of Texas San AntonioTexas, Estados UnidosInglés
TECNUN – Universidad de NavarraSan Sebastián, EspañaEspañol – Inglé
Universidad Católica de Valencia “San Vicente Martir”Valencia, EspañaEspañ
Universidad de OviedoOviedo, EspañaEspañ
Universidad de SalamancaSalamanca, EspañaEspañ
Universidad de Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela, EspañaEspañol –
Universidad de VigoVigo, EspañaEspañ
Universidad de ZaragozaZaragoza, EspañaEspañ
Universidad Rey Juan CarlosMadrid, EspañaEspañol – Inglés
Università degli Studi di Roma Tor VergataRoma, ItaliaItaliano – Inglé
Instituto Tecnológico de MonterreyMonterrey -MéxicoEspañ
Universidad de PiuraPiura, PerúEspañ
Universität Koblenz – LandauMainz, AlemaniaAlemán – Inglés
George Mason UniversityVirginia, Estados UnidosInglés
Universidad de ValladolidValladolid, EspañaEspañol – Inglés
Universidad Nacional del LitoralSanta Fe, ArgentinaEspañol

Cotutela de Tesis Doctoral


Luz Yáñez
Universidad de Valladolid, España
Tesis: “Nuevas estrategias de producción de polhidroxialcanoatos y sus menómeros mediante fermentación: mejoras operacionales y metabólicas a través de la simulación y su validación experimentaI”
Tutor Universidad de los Andes: Dr. Felipe Scott
Tutor Universidad de Valladolid: Dr. Raúl Muñoz

Felipe Carreño
Universidad de Valladolid, España
Tesis: “Diseño de materiales de empaque para mejorar la fluidodinámica en biofiltración de compuestos orgánicos bolátiles hidrofóbicos mediante mecánica de fluidos computacionales”
Tutor Universidad de los Andes: Dr. Alberto Vergara y Dr. Patricio Moreno
Tutor Universidad de Valladolid: Dr. Raúl Muñoz

Pasantías de investigación


Juan Pablo Karmy – KU Leuven (Beca FAI Pasantía Doctoral)