Research Lines

  • Communication: This research line focuses on the critical study of public interest content – both in terms of its construction and its impact on society – disseminated through various media platforms. As part of this interest, it also encompasses the research stream access and adoption of ICT in everyday life and media audiences.
  • Ethics and Communication Law: This line promotes research from the normative perspective of the discipline, encompassing self-regulation and legislation. It is conceived as a cross-cutting line of thought. It encompasses studies that debate and reflect on the principles of communicative activity, concerning information, persuasion, fiction, and their intersection with the principles related to human dignity and the value of the social dimension of communication.
  • Narrative and Fiction: This work line focuses on the critical analysis of imaginary or constructed worlds and their communication. It is approached from different narrative elements and/or the different stages of the creative production process, following an approach that ranges from the more philosophical dimension to the more technical and formal aspects.
  • Strategic Communication and Management: This research area focuses on the analysis and reflection of communication from a strategic and management perspective. It brings together studies on the function and relevance of communication in organizations, as well as everything related to the direction and management of media and communication companies.


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Universidad de NavarraNavarra, EspañaEspañ
Universidad Austral de Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, ArgentinaEspañ
Universidad de la SabanaBogotá, ColombiaEspañ
Universidad Rey Juan CarlosMadrid, EspañaEspañol – Inglé

Pasantías de investigación


Cecilia Claro – Universidad de Navarra, España
Tomás Atarama – Universidad de Navarra, España

Cotutela de Tesis Doctoral

Cecilia Claro

Universidad de Navarra, España
Tutor Universidad de Navarra: Elena Gutiérrez
Tutor Universidad de los Andes: Isabel Pávez

Profesores Visitantes


Kent Wilkinson
Universidad de Texas, Estados Unidos


Francisco Pérez Latre
Universidad de Navarra, España

Andrés Biehl
Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile

Elena Gutiérrez
Universidad de Navarra, España

Rosario Queirolo
Universidad Católica, Uruguay


Ángel Arrese
Universidad de Navarra, España


Damián Fernández
Universidad Austral, Argentina

Luciano Elizalde
Universidad Austral, Argentina

Samuel Negredo
Universidad de Navarra, España


Ruth Gutiérrez
Universidad de Navarra, España