University activities of the President

  • Virginia Tech University invites UANDES President as speaker at symposium on critical issues of our era. (Spanish version only).
  • The new Superintendence of Higher Education, as seen by the President José Antonio Guzmán. (12/21/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • President UANDES takes on a new period (11/30/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • Commemorating the 29th anniversary of UANDES with awards and a master class. (09/10/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • Rector UANDES presentation in Rome on university governance. (05/07/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • President José Antonio Guzmán participates in the II Conference of Presidents of Universities of Latin America in Israel. (04/06/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • President and 2018 Welcoming Ceremony: “I encourage you to do your best in studies and other activities.” (03/05/2018). (Spanish version only).
  • José Antonio Guzmán C.: “The Pope’s visit is a historical event that leaves nobody indifferent.” (01/10/2018).(Spanish version only).