Arturo Manns Freese

Cirujano Dentista

Títulos o grados académicos

• Doctor en Odontología, Universidad de Tübinguen, Alemania.

• Licenciado, Universidad de Chile.

Carreras Asociadas

Cursos o Cátedras que imparte

  • Oclusión.
  • Fisiología Oral.


  • Comparative study of molar and incisor bite forces regarding deciduous, mixed, and definitive dentition

  • Comparison of clinical and electromyographic rest vertical dimensions in dolichofacial and brachyfacial young adults

  • Effect of tongue position on masseter and temporalis electromyographic activity during swallowing and maximal voluntary clenching

  • Bite force measurements with hard and soft bite surfaces.

  • The effect of tongue position and resulting vertical dimension on masticatory muscle activity. A cross-sectional study