Daniel Escaff Dixon

Profesor asociado

Títulos o grados académicos

• Doctor en Ciencias, mención Física, Universidad de Chile.

• Licenciado en Física, Universidad de Chile.

Cursos o Cátedras que imparte

  • Mecánica y ondas.


  • Solitonic-like interactions of counter-propagating clusters of active particles

  • Fronts connecting stripe patterns with a uniform state

  • Self-organized spiral patterns at the edge of an order-disorder nonequilibrium phase transition

  • Flocking transition within the framework of Kuramoto paradigm for synchronization

  • Gapped vegetation patterns

Proyectos de investigación

  • On the flocking transition: A spatially extended mean field approach

  • Self-assembly and absence of pinning effect in ensembles of localized structures induced by strong nonlocal interaction

  • Impact of non-local interaction on mean field models for self-organization