Felipe Palma Traro

Títulos o grados académicos

• Magíster en Epidemiología, Universidad de los Andes.

• Kinesiólogo, Universidad Austral de Chile.

• Licenciado en Kinesiología, Universidad Austral de Chile.

Carreras Asociadas

Asignaturas que imparte

  • Física.
  • Biofísica.
  • Biomecánica.
  • Análisis del Movimiento.


  • Association between aerobic fitness and glycolytic metabolism in adult male professional football players

  • Acute Deltoid Injury in Ankle Fractures: A Biomechanical Analysis of Different Repair Constructs

  • Biased instantaneous regional muscle activation maps: Embedded fuzzy topology and image feature analysis

  • Biomechanical cadaveric evaluation of the role of medial column instability in hallux valgus deformity

  • Exploring the Gait and Stability of Passengers at the Moment they get off an Urban Railway Train by Laboratory Experiments