Leonardo Epstein Giwercman

Académico | Investigador

[email protected]

Títulos o grados académicos

• Doctor en Estadística, Carnegie Mellon University.

• MS Estadística, Carnegie Mellon University.

• Ingeniero Matemático, Universidad de Chile.

Palabras clave

Child Cryptosporidiosis Diarrhea

Cursos o Cátedras que imparte

  • Operaciones y Logística.
  • Estadística.
  • Métodos Empíricos en Marketing.


  • Profesor jornada.




  • Dynamic effects of store promotions on purchase conversion

  • Optimal size of a rental inventory with items available from a secondary source

  • An optimization approach and a heuristic procedure to schedule battery charging processes for stackers of palletized cargo.

  • A new approach to measuring retail promotion effectiveness

  • Minimum cost in a mix of new and old reusable items: an application to sizing a fleet of delivery trucks