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Feel at home in Chile, at the UANDES School of Business and Economics! Immerse into an environment that you’ll never forget and become part of a community that inspires you to be your best.
With our distinct programs and our unique world-class campus right next to the Andes mountains, you’ll find a chance to grow culturally, academically and personally.
Learn Economics, Finance, Marketing, International Business and more, in English or Spanish.
Our professors are at the frontiers of knowledge and use innovative teaching methods.

The UAndes SB&E

First-rate education

The UANDES School of Business and Economics is one of the top 3 business schools in Chile. It offers top notch education through its international faculty and open environment.
Students have access to state-of-the-art technology. Small classes, a world-class library, a Bloomberg Lab, and excellent professors provide the toolkits to enter the workforce or pursue an academic career.

Comprehensive course curriculum

Leveraging on leading educational methods, the UANDES SB&E offers a wide variety of courses in English and Spanish, that allow students to complete majors or minors in Economics, Finance, Marketing, Ethics, and International Business. 
Students acquire the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience essential for today’s dynamic and challenging business environment.

Why UANDES in Santiago, Chile?

Young and vibrant university, among the top 3 in Chile

Beautiful campus: 128 acres of modern infrastructure and green areas at the foot of the Andes mountains

Many courses are offered in English

Learn or improve your Spanish in courses offered especially for international students

Climb the mountains at the school’s backyard or ride amazing waves in the Pacific Ocean, just a few hours away. Explore the wonders of Patagonia, travel through the Atacama desert or visit the magical Easter Island.

Play soccer or paddle on the campus’ courts, be part of a musical, or hang out with friends. Whatever your style, live the Latin American culture and enrich your academic experience at UANDES with personal development that will last a lifetime.

Our Campus


Study at the UANDES School of Business & Economics for a semester, a year or more!

At the UANDES SB&E you can advance your major as an international exchange student, pursue an undergraduate degree in Business or expand your knowledge and skills by taking classes in one of our master´s programs.


Bachelor of Science in Management

Develop strong knowledge and skills in economics and business areas like finance, marketing, strategy, operations and human resources. Learn to analyze the complexities faced by corporations in their internal and external environments. Design and implement creative solutions to organizational problems, based on sound economic principles and a solid ethical formation.

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Develop skills to work in all the areas of multinational companies. Learn to tackle the challenges faced by companies that operate internationally and in multicultural environments. Estimate the effects of fiscal and monetary policies on global corporations and countries, and evaluate the impact on trade.


Major in International Business

Address the challenges faced by companies competing in global markets, as they navigate a world in which competitive advantages are greatly influenced by the cultural, economic, technological, legal and political business environments.


  • Global Business Environments
  • Latin American Politics
  • Doing Business in LATAM
  • Dynamic Global Forces
  • Commercial Routes
  • International Trade
  • Imports and Exports
  • Comparative International Law
  • International Finance

Major in Finance

Master the language of business and solve complex financial problems and real-world challenges faced by investors, financial institutions and corporations. Learn how to determine a company’s financial position, evaluate business opportunities and mitigate risks. Develop expertise in corporate finance, investments strategies and make the most of the opportunities offered by financial markets.


  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Bloomberg I
  • Bloomberg II
  • Investment Theory
  • International Finance
  • Applied Portfolio Management (master’s level)
  • Empirical Methods (master’s level)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance (master’s level)
  • Business Ethics (master’s level)
  • Asset Pricing (master’s level)

Major in Economics

Develop economic thinking to understand and predict the behavior of groups of individuals, companies and governments. Use math and statistical tools to develop models that explain human behavior and countrywide events. Learn how to conduct research and design public policies that help solve resource allocation problems in education, health and poverty. 


  • Principles of Economics
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics II
  • Industrial Organization
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Corporate Organization
  • Microeconomics Theory (master’s level)

Major in Marketing and Data Analytics

Develop an understanding of customer behavior through data analysis. Build behavior-prediction models, design and implement successful marketing strategies, and leverage on digital tools to position companies as industry leaders in the minds of consumers.


  • Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Marketing I
  • Marketing II
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing (master’s level)
  • Empirical Methods (master’s level)
  • New Product Development (master’s level)
  • Business Ethics (master’s level)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (master’s level)
  • Decision Models in Marketing (master’s level)
  • Applied Marketing Project (master’s level)


Master in Finance

Make sound investment and financing decisions based on financial and economic theory, and solid ethical principles. Understand the relation between fundamentals and the value of companies. Design long-term investment strategies, build investment portfolios based on risk profiles and manage them applying modern theory and computational tools. Value alternative assets and make the best use of global financial markets to solve complex corporate problems.

Master in Economics

As an economic analyst in the business world, the consulting industry, a central bank or government, you will be able to promote adequate public, fiscal or monetary policies. Learn consumer theory, econometric methods, and theory of the firm, to address problems related to companies and markets.

Master in Marketing & Data Analytics

Utilize scientific knowledge and tools to conduct deep data analysis within and outside organizations. Understand consumer behavior, develop new products, and design communication strategies on the back of well structured processes and solid ethical principles.

Full-time Faculty

100% of our faculty members have postgraduate degrees. 75% have a PhD.

Karin Jügensen
Dean, School of Business and Economics

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André Bergoeing
Director, International Business

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Dynamic Treatment Effects of Job Training
Jorge Rodríguez; Saltiel, F. and Urzúa, S.
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Beyond Consumer Switching: Supply Responses to Food Packaging and Advertising Regulations
Jorge Alé-Chilet; Moshary, S.
Marketing Science | 2022
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Robust Predictions in Dynamic Policy Games
Juan Pablo Xandri; Passadore, J.
Theoretical Economics | accepted

Optimal capital structure with stock market feedback
Ana Elisa Pereira; Machado, C.
Review of Finance | accepted

Understanding the Effects of Workfare Policies on Child Human Capital
Jorge Rodríguez
Journal of Labor Economics | forthcoming
Full paper

Proximity to the Frontier, Markups, and the Response of Innovation to Foreign Competition: Evidence from Matched Production-Innovation Surveys in Chile
Álvaro García; Cusolito, A. / Maloney, William F.
American Economic Review: Insights | forthcoming
Full paper

Riding the Bubble with Convex Incentives
Juan Sotes-Paladino; Zapatero, F.
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Exporting and Plant-Level Efficiency Gains: It’s in the Measure
Álvaro García; Voigtlander, N.
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Channels of US Monetary Policy Spillovers to International Bond Markets
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Entry and mergers in oligopoly with firm-specific network effects
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Testing Models of Social Learning on Networks: Evidence from Two Experiments
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Rollover risk and stress test credibility
Ana Elisa Pereira
Games and Economic Behavior | 2021
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A Note on Payments in the Lab for Infinite Horizon Dynamic Games with Discounting
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Economic Theory | 2022
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Carrot and Stick: A Role for Benchmark-Adjusted Compensation in Active Fund Management
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The DNA of New Exporters: Spin-Offs and FDI at the Extensive Margin of Trade
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O Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers on College and Major Choice in Four Countries
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Out of Sync: Dispersed Short Selling and the Correction of Mispricing
Juan Sotes; Gargano, A. / Verwijmeren, P.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis | forthcoming

Research Faculty

Álvaro García Marín
Assistant Professor
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