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Living the Universidad de los Andes experience is much more than just going to class, it is participating with joy in a world of possibilities. Sports, culture, research, volunteer work, exchange students… Vida Universitaria is part of the formation for those who want to seek more.

The University Campus is a geographical space specially designed to support the academic model of the University. Located at the foot of the Andes, it counts with 52 acres for academic staff offices, classrooms, auditoriums, living rooms for students, library, laboratories, the University’s Hospital, and places of entertainment, sports and spiritual assistance.

The definition of a main campus for the University reflects the need to materially ensure the integration of various knowledge and interdisciplinary dialogue. The coexistence that the University encourages to scientists and students, expressed through the comprehensive training offered to everyone, required a common space to facilitate personal contact and openness to other disciplines. In addition, the territorial unit effectively promotes the policy of "open doors" and the participation of the university community in general activities that keeps alive the bond of unity.

Meanwhile, infrastructure and provision of Campus seeks to promote an atmosphere of calm study, a favorable natural environment for intellectual creativity, and beauty with a pedagogical sense. This is why, for example, there are silent reading rooms, clean facilities, a good care of the gardens and an ecological development of the Master Plan. The community also benefits from the Campus, through outreach activities.
Architectural definitions at the University are also considered favorable and personalized interior spaces for students.
The diversity of young personalities represents the mission of our University. The Campus has a multipurpose court for indoor sports and a physical training space, which includes a gym recently opened that includes a regulatory field for soccer, rugby, hockey, and one for baby-football.
Currently, the Campus has the following buildings: Humanities, Sciences, University Library, ESE Business School and Clock building (opened in 2009), research centers and laboratories, all contemplates more than 43,000 square meters. The Master Plan also includes the construction of a sports complex, university residences and buildings for academic units.
Notwithstanding the above definitions, the University decided to build a health care center in San Bernardo. The building of 4,555 square meters, aims to contribute the training of medicine, nursing, dentistry and psychology students, along with delivering a health care quality to low-income people.